About RGH Chairman

Hisham Itani

Hisham Itani was born in Beirut in 1972. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut. While he was still a student, he became involved in his family printing business. From that point, his passion for entrepreneurship shaped his career and took the business to new dimensions.

From the beginning, Hisham Itani transformed the family business into an institution with strong governance: Inkript was at the heart of his achievements. He focused on investing in new production technologies with high barriers to entry, taking Inkript through different stages leading up to biometric identification. The aim was to maintain an edge by anticipating future trends and gradually shifting the added value of the business from a product oriented approach to become a turnkey solution provider.

He based his growth strategy on two components: the human capital and the ability to take calculated risks ahead of the market. The success of Inkript was further capitalized into new ventures with one essential common denominator: technology. Itani invested into early stage R&D to create a center of excellence where in-house systems are developed and are competing with global players. As a result of this evolution, Resource Group Holding (RGH) was established in 2009, chaired by Hisham Itani.

In a short time span, Hisham Itani pushed RGH to its limits. The Group’s portfolio extended quickly to cover security printing, smartcard manufacturing, biometric identification solutions, telecom infrastructure and managed services, international gateway management, cyber security and secure communications solutions, mobile applications, lottery and gaming solutions and others.

Today, Hisham Itani is shifting the business model further: RGH is positioning as an incubator of technology, creating and accelerating the growth of entrepreneurial companies and start-ups by providing them with strategic support, resources and synergy.