About Us

RGH is a dynamic investment group with a portfolio of diversified businesses that capitalize on technology and human capital for value creation.

As a business incubator, RGH turns risk into opportunity by seeking undiscovered talents and innovative solutions. This approach has enabled RGH to design and produce advanced technologies in-house.

In parallel, the Group promotes an entrepreneurial culture, formulating strategic approaches to investments and leveraging expertise and resources to sustain long-term value and ensure community wellbeing.

Today, RGH operates across the sectors of digital security, smart card manufacturing, mobile value-added solutions, cybersecurity and secure communication solutions, telecom infrastructure and managed services, elections supply chain services, lottery systems and operations, mobile and virtual reality games, among others. The Group has earned the trust of governments and top-tier companies in telecom and banking in over 50 countries across the Middle East and Africa.

The diversification of the Group’s activities is achieved by building, acquiring and managing businesses, expanding them regionally, developing internal technical capabilities and partnering with world-class multinational vendors.

We do business in over 50 countries
Our multinational team exceeds 1600 members
We work in more than 10 key industries