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Inkript Technologies

Identification Solutions Provider

Inkript Technologies is an established identification solutions provider with in-house R&D, customized hardware and partnerships with global providers. This division’s comprehensive electronic and biometric identification center targets government institutions in the MEA region.

The turnkey identification platform covers enrollment, issuance, and administrative workflow management for electronic and biometric passports, ID cards, visa and border control, residency permits, work permits, health cards, voting cards, driver license, vehicle registration cards, car plates, RFID stickers, etc.

Services offered range from consulting and design to integration and deployment. Each project is fully customized with a focus on quality and security, taking into account the sovereign characteristics of such projects.

Implementation of travel identification documents require close cooperation with the Interpol, ICAO and international certification and accreditation bodies. As a result, Inkript became listed on ICAO directory as a turnkey biometric travel document solution provider alongside global brands.
  • e-Passport
  • ID Card
  • Visa and Border Control
  • Driver License Card and Vehicle Registration Card
  • Secure Car Plates and RFID Sticker
  • Voter Card
  • Healthcare Card
  • Residency Permit and Work Permit
  • Registration Certificate
  • Enrollment Units
  • Identification Management Core
  • Personalization and Issuance
  • Verification and Border Control