Mobile Applications Development

InMobiles is an established mobile Value Added Services (VAS) company catering to telecom operators in the Middle East and Africa. The company is renowned for its innovative platforms that connect telecom operators to businesses and individual subscribers.

InMobiles has been developing its R&D capabilities since 2006 in line with market and technology trends. All solutions are developed in-house with over 100 services offered and customized to meet each customer requirements. The company‘s market reach currently extends to some 25 operators with over 250 million subscribers.

Key products have helped telecom operators generate new revenue streams, increase ARPU and enhance subscriber retention.
  • Mobile Community – interactive communication for mobile users.
  • Mobile Enterprise – mobile solutions customized for private sector.
  • Mobile Utility – utility apps for mobile users
  • Advanced Network Services – innovative solutions that use mobile operator’s network to provide value added services. Technology platforms include SIGTRAN and SS7 protocols.
  • SMS, Voice and USSD – compatible services targeting mobile subscribers.
  • Mobile Applications – native apps supporting all mobile platforms.
  • Micro life insurance
  • Micro credit for talk time
  • Micro credit for handsets
  • Zero-credit call-back notification
  • Local line / international line switch
  • Call assist for children and business
  • Branded chatting platform
  • Cloud storage platform